Woman suing Applebee’s after she finds the chef’s fingertip in her salad

Daily Mail UK

A pregnant California woman has filed a claim saying she found a bloody fingertip in a salad at an Applebee’s restaurant in Paso Robles. Cathleen Martin of Atascadero told The Tribune in San Luis Obispo that she was with her husband and child at the restaurant on December 20 when she discovered the piece of fingertip in her dish. The family had all reportedly eaten from her Chinese chicken salad before finding the fingertip.

You know when you’re a little kid and your parents ask before sitting down to dinner if you washed your hands, you lie and say you did, they ask to see them, and you just hide them behind your back knowing full well you’re caught red-handed?

That’s what I imagine the scene was like in the Applebee’s kitchen that fateful evening in Paso Robles, California. The hysteria has died down, the disgusted family has left the restaurant in a fit of rage threatening to sue. The manager goes into the kitchen to see whose ass is gonna getting fired and just looks at all of his line cooks like “which one of you motherfuckers is it??” The perpetrator probably looks to his left and right as if that’ll pass the blame off to someone else. Meanwhile, he’s the only guy in the kitchen missing a god damn FINGERTIP.

Even funnier is that Applebee’s is trying to legally cover their asses by saying “the restaurant can’t force the cook to undergo tests.” Um yeah, pretty sure you don’t need to fire up the Bunsen burners and extract DNA samples to determine which one of your employees is the owner of the bloody fingertip crouton found in a woman’s salad. Just say you need to take all their fingerprints for legal purposes and bingo bango, I can assure you he’ll be the only one without a print because HE HAS NO FINGERTIP. Case closed.

PS. What was this woman doing ordering a salad anyway? That’s ALWAYS been a pet peeve of mine. You want a salad or something healthy? Fine, go to a Sweetgreen or a Roast for that, that’s their forte. But don’t complain when chefs, whose skillset goes no further than buffalo wings and burgers, make a few little mistakes while preparing your artisanal Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad…like forgetting the tortilla strips or cutting off their fingertip. Keep it simple with your order and everyone wins.


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