Blazing hot news anchor interrupts live weather forecast to Catch ‘Em All

Blazing hot news anchor interrupts live weather forecast to Catch ‘Em All

Huffington Post – Pikachu would not approve.  This short clip shows WTSP 10 news anchor Allison Kropff “accidentally” interrupt the weather forecast on Monday while she searched the newsroom for Pokemon.  “You guys have got to be careful with these phones, these Pokemon,” meteorologist Bobby Deskins says. “You’re just walking around all over the place.”


Lotta people here are gonna give Allison grief and tell her to act like a professional.  Nope, not me.  You know why?  See, what Allison’s doing here is what we call “creating buzz.”  I don’t know if Bobby has seen the June 2016 ratings, but in case he and the snickering crew haven’t noticed, nobody gives a fuck about local news in 2016.  And that counts a thousand-fold when we’re talking about listening to a fucking WEATHERMAN in 2016. What a crock of shit that job is!  Hey Bobby, you got an iPhone, brotha?? BAM.


That right there is your $40k job in the form of an iOS app, my man.  So you can come down from your ivory tower ridiculing Allison for interrupting your precious 30 second bit. In fact, if Allison hadn’t interrupted your segment to capture her fifth Magikarp of the week, we sure as hell wouldn’t be talking about WTSP 10 Tampa Local News, that’s for damn sure.  So Bobby, buddy, let’s tone it down with the “Pokey-man” act…you, my friend, are replaceable. Content in the form of a blazing hot blonde zooming across the screen en route to a PokeStop…is not.